About DWE

Department of Women and Child Development

A separate Directorate of Women Empowerment was formed on June 18, 2007, with the aim of improving the condition of women, connecting them equally in the mainstream of development, raising the issues of women in governance and their implementation and monitoring.

     In this way, the journey which started with women's welfare, and then their development now has reached the women's empowerment. Focus of the Department is to uplift the status of women and girls. We are committed to building a society that is free from discrimination, where women have strong influence and equal participation in all developmental decision processes.

          Today, with the efforts of the government, women are establishing new dimensions by occupying the highest positions of higher education such as medical, engineering, sports army, industrial sector, police, arts, bureaucracy, business and politics.

          In this direction, now The department is trying to strengthen the position of women in the state and bring them in the mainstream of development and raising the women related issues in governance.

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